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Barton Creek Cave

Barton Creek Cave

Welcome to the Maya Underworld. Scenic farmland, hills and valleys with cattle grazing peacefully on emerald green pastures illustrate the route to Barton Creek Cave. Upon arrival you'll be greeted by your host, 3 large friendly dogs and a couple of beautiful green parrots. Your fully qualified pilot will guide your canoe skillfully through the flat calm waters where you'll be plunged into the darkness of the cathedral size cave. Switching on your powerful light will reveal angled walls stretching up to meet at a point over 100 feet above your head. The walls change as you delve further into the cavern. Smooth rock turns to crystal art and then gives way to plunging stalactites so close to the surface you might need to duck your head to complete the passage. Bats fly high above darting in and out of their pocketed dwellings in the cave wall. Your guide will regale you with tales of Mayan sacrifice while pointing out an ancient human skull and broken pieces of pottery on the slippery ledges above. Drops of water fall from the roof echoing across the water like the whisper of lost ghosts. A whole new view presents itself after turning back at a place where there is only room for the passage of water. Your flashlight beam reveals shadows and angles at every nook and cranny of the imposing structure. Back at the entrance you'll observe the green lushness of the park framed in a triangle of rock as you leave this ancient underworld.

Great Swimming spot.

$80.00 USD pp (Half Day)

(Minimum 2 persons)